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what do you think are the top 3 issues with current prison designs and or justice system?

1. Corrupt, racist, amoral or politically motivated police, DA and judges where incentives are based in terms of numbers found guilty as opposed to the number of times justice prevailed regardless of the outcome. 2. Publicly funded whilst being privately controlled or privately funded and private profit. 3. Corrupt systems of control that exist outside of written prison code but are ignored or controlled by prison personnel. 4. Difficulty for public to gain access and observe the impact of incarceration. 5. Cost of commissary and phone calls is criminally priced. 6. 13th amendment hinders families that have lost a breadwinner.

how would your vision produce revenue for the prison economy and thereby benefit the public?

Building new or converting old prisons that create food security is a public good in itself and our vision would strive to socialize inmates with the outside world while producing fair pay and increased prison revenue. When families lose an income earner due to incarceration their finances are already challenged. Combine this loss with the high price of prison phone carriers, expensive commissary and slave wages for inmate workers and it becomes impossible to keep a family in tact. Our goal is to create a prison economy where inmates remain safely separated from society while still able to support their families by earning an honest wage. We believe prison facilities can earn more income by creating dual purpose facilities that support American poultry production while creating regional food security. In addition to supplying chicks to poultry farms, we believe the agricultural use of chicken poop, hatching eggs and unique breed cultivation will prove to be much more valuable than expensive commissary and expensive prison phone calls.

how would your vision benefit inmates? pls compare your vision to the issues you raised in question #1.

Urban prison locations utilizing our model would be be equipped with secure cafes that would be accessible to the public. This would create normalized social environments for inmates with non-violent crimes or who are about to be released on parole. We would also offer employment opportunities and an adjacent halfway house and probation office to support inmates on their path to freedom. Death row and inmates in solitary confinement would be tasked with hatching rare breeds in their cells. This activity will benefit the mental health of those who are struggling and seemingly without hope. We believe offering an honest wage to inmates will create a crime free and safer prison environment. Inmates will have renewed purpose and self worth from the ability to support their families and will be less inclined to engage in illegal activity to generate money while in prison.